Sandy (Wu) Nguyen


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    Website Design 

    ︎    Basic Website (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Cargo)
                ︎  Website UX Design Process
                 ↳    Social Media Assets
                 ↳   Email Newsletter Revamp

    User Experience Design 

    ︎    App or Website UX Design Process
                 ↳ Content Management System
                 ↳ Research and Analysis   
                 ↳ User Flow
                 ↳ Information Architecture
                 ↳ Clickable Prototype for Testing
                 ↳ Design for Development    
                 ↳ UI Design System

    Mural Package

    ︎    Mural Services
                  ↳ Brand Research   
                  ↳ Concept Art
                  ↳ Mockup of the Space

    iMessage Sticker App

    ︎    iMessage Sticker App in XCode
                  ↳ Animated or Static Sticker Series

    Basic Logo Package

    ︎    Basic Logo Package
                  ↳ Content Management System
                  ↳ Brand Research
                  ↳ Competitive Analysis
                  ↳ 2-3 Logo Concepts
                  ↳ Color Guide
                  ↳ File Usage Guide

    Standard Branding Package

    ︎     Basic Logo Package  ︎
    ︎     Standard Branding Package
                 ↳ Brand Style Guide
                 ↳ Business Cards
                 ↳ Stationary 

    Comprehensive Branding Package

    ︎︎ Standard Branding Package  ︎    
     ︎     Website Design Package

Additional Services 

Additional services are also available on a la carte or hourly basis. 

If you’re interested in the cost of these services, please contact me for more details.